Mission Statement

Our mission at, Metro Enforcement, is to be the ultimate provider of expert security services to a wide range of clients throughout the Midwest area.

To continually adapt to the ever changing needs of our clients by using the most advanced equipment and techniques available.

To continue to be active members in the communities we serve by making frequent contact with clients’ management and by being attentive to the needs of each client.

To continually update and train our officers with current laws and regulations that protect the rights of our clients.

To ensure the timely and efficient flow of relevant information as it pertains to each client.

To maintain current relationships with all law enforcement officials allowing us to obtain past and present issues in areas in which we secure to limit the flow into our neighborhoods.

By being pro-active in the communities we serve by actively raising the level of community awareness and by being active participants in community meetings helping resident create neighborhood watches and be distributing information relevant to current safety issues.