making where you live and work a safer place

Metro Enforcement is the first name mentioned when Private Security is thought of. Over 40 years experience makes Metro Enforcement the right choice for all your security needs.

Dedicated, professionally trained Security personnel working for you, to ensure your family, home and business are safe from unwanted intruders. The owner of Metro Enforcement applies the same professionalism he used when he was an Indiana Law Enforcement Officer. We have retained the same customers for over 15 years. Client longevity of this type is typically unheard of in our industry. With over 40 years experience in the security field the owner has taken his vast knowledge and applied it to a privately held security company.

We are a 21st century company, utilizing advanced technology to benefit our clients.  From our state of the art communications system, to our advanced “Geo Tracking” enabled devices, we can assure our clients their assigned officer is on the job, providing the service they require from us.  To do this we set up a “Geo Fence” around your property which tells us where the officer is at and if they left the property at any time throughout their shift.  We also use this system to manage our officers clock in and out times.  Our accountability factor is at 100%, which benefits our clients, the officer and Metro Enforcement.

On-Site Security

We provide both armed and unarmed security personnel for a variety of clients.  Our officers wear the approved Metro Enforcement uniform to be easily identified.

Vehicle Patrol

Our vehicle patrol service primarily runs evenings and into the early morning hours.  Our cars are identified with the Metro Enforcement state approved circular shield. 

Special Events

If you have a special event you need security for, Metro Enforcement is the one to call.  We can provide officers for entrance security, perimeter security and parking details. 

GPS Tracking

A common problem clients have are security companies saying their officer is on a site when in fact no one was there at all.  This creates a huge liability for the client and the security company.

We use a GPS service that tracks our officer(s) movements while on a client(s) property. It provides us with a detailed account of their movement will on duty. It’s extremely important that we can provide accountability to our client(s) at all times.

Our clients have the peace of mind they need, knowing our officer is on their site, and we have the technology to back it up.

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